easy passover recipe


An easy recipe you can make year round!

This homemade applesauce recipe is one that was developed after picking one too many apples at the orchard a few years ago. It's 3 simple ingredients, and made in no time! Make this recipe in small batches for homemade applesauce all year long or make it once for the whole year.

Apples Cinnamon Water Salt


Cut the apples into 5-6 pieces. Then add all the ingredients to a large pot and boil, making sure to stir so it all cooks evenly.

Step 1

Cook until the apples are tender. Add the apples to a blender and blend together. Once cooled, store in mason jars or serve immediately!

Step 2

Don’t have a high speed blender?  No problem. You can either just mash the cooked apples up with a fork or use another kitchen tool.  Just go slowly so you get the texture you are looking for.

Quick Tip