Simple Blackened Fish Sandwich

Make a homemade seasoning blend, spiced to your taste, cook some fish and round out the sandwich with a simple lemon slaw.  This blackened fish sandwich is sure to become a quick favorite in your house.

Fish Filets Blackening Seasoning Dinner Rolls Lemon Slaw Mayo | Cayenne Pepper Coleslaw Mix Paprika | Oregano Onion Powder Garlic Powder


In a small bowl, mix together the coleslaw mix, mayo, lemon juice and blackening seasoning.

Step 1

Lay out your fish and evenly coat both sides with the blackening seasoning. Cook in the oven until fully cooked through.

Step 2

Toast and butter the bread. Then layer the fish, lemon slaw mix, and any other toppings. Then serve and enjoy!

Step 3

The sandwich can stand up to all sorts of toppings.  In addition or substitution to the slaw I suggest, you could use a purple onion, a yummy remoulade or tartar sauce, pickles.

Quick Tip