Simple Gnocchi With Sweet Peas

This super simple 3 ingredient Gnocchi with Sweet Peas, is a winner every time it’s made. It’s simplicity is truly the star of the show.  A 20 minute meal that everyone loves make this recipe a true winner!

Gnocchi Pasta Sauce Frozen Sweet Peas


Add the frozen peas to a skillet and heat them until slightly charred. Toss in olive oil and salt and remove from heat.

Step 1

Pour the entire jar of pasta sauce over the peas and apply medium heat

Step 2

Cook the gnocchi according to package instructions. Then strain them and add them to the pan with the peas and sauce. Mix and heat together, then serve!

Step 3

Be sure to watch your gnocchi as it cooks.  You want to remove it as soon as it floats to ensure it's perfectly cooked.

Quick Tip