Curried Vegetable Soup

Onions | Garlic Curry Powder | Turmeric Carrots | Sweet Potatoes Butternut Squash Chicken Stock Coconut Milk Peanut Butter Brown Sugar Limes


Sauté the garlic and onion until the onion becomes translucent. Then add in the spices.

Step 1

Add in the sweet potatoes, butternut squash and carrots to the pot. Stir so they become coated in the spices.

Step 2

Add in the broth. Then boil until the vegetables are tender.

Step 3

Let the soup cool and then blend together with either an immersion blender or normal blender.

Step 4

Return the blended soup back to the pot and add the rest of the ingredients. Then serve and enjoy!

Step 5

Sweet Corn and Basil Soup

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